Overview of A-Plus services
A-Plus offers general contracting services as well as specialty trade services. We have construction staff that includes office staff, project managers, and job site supervisors. The specialty trades we offer are as follows: Painting, tile, drywall, rough carpentry, and finish carpentry services. We handle jobs within these trades in-house through a carefully selected group of craftsmen who have accompanied A-Plus since its inception. We can you guide through the sometimes difficult remodeling process with full confidence that through our efficient operations we are capable of delivering a satisfying experience. We also work with closely vetted professional/experienced subcontractors with standards matching ours to offer a broader service for larger scopes of work. We offer a limited warranty on our services so you can have peace of mind.

C&G A-Plus Interior Remodeling Corp “A-Plus” works in many co-op and condominium buildings giving us good understanding of the remodeling process. A-Plus is your go to contractor for all your remodeling needs (design- build). We have worked in many residential buildings throughout New York City. A few of the buildings we have worked in are The Century Condominium at 25 Central Park West, The Gloucester at 200 West 79th Street, and The Hit Factory at 421 West 54th Street. A-Plus has ample experience working with design teams to ensure the best possible project outcome. That is accomplished by having proper interpretations of construction drawings, in-house project management services, and utilizing skillful tradesmen with many years of experience. Moreover, we have experience helping clients refine scopes of work so that their ideas are feasible and constructible. Beyond that, A-Plus will also talk with your management or board to explain the scope of work to give them peace of mind about the project when seeking project approval. Many times this has led clients to get their jobs approved quicker and spend less on soft costs related to the project. A-Plus keeps relationships with past owners in order to provide future clients with references when considering to contract us. We can facilitate on site meetings at previous job sites for you to see the quality of our work first hand and for you to hear the recounts of past owners’ experience of working with A-Plus. Our intention is give you a transparent insight of the remodeling process so you have peace of mind and can focus your attention on what matters most.

Though residential and commercial construction overlap in many ways they are different in some key aspects. It’s true that both require raw material and labor to get a project complete. However, in commercial construction, design and construction applications are dictated by the environment in which a particular project is built. For example, construction within a school, restaurant, community center, or houses of Worship all have their own set of rules that must be considered during construction. A-Plus has worked on commercial construction projects in existing facilities. Some of our past commercial clients have been The 14TH Street Y, 1800-Mattress offices, Concentric Health experience, Douglas Elliman Property management, Kew Management, and St. Pauls Apostle Church. Two of the most important qualities we have to offer are efficiency and convenience. We maintain a constant flow of work by making sure we have a clear understanding of the scope, and attempt get questions answered as soon as possible before uncertainties lead to delays. We have staff in our office that send communications from the field to you in real time. In similar fashion our staff is available to take your comments and share them with our job site supervisor in real time while the project is ongoing. We believe that this is an integral part of our service because it leads to a greater likelihood of client satisfaction, and prevents cost overruns. We understand that many times commercial buildings cannot afford to close down their facilities for construction so we try to maintain a level of convenience for the users of the building by creating a plan of action that allows for the facility to used freely without having to close it. Like residential construction, commercial construction requires a keen eye on detail while also offering a cost effective service. With our experience, you can be sure that your project is in good hands.