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Washington Square Park Apartment

The client had wanted a loft. She could not find one that felt gracious but was not too big for her: they all were too narrow and had few windows. Instead, she found a beautiful apartment in a brownstone near Washington Square Park in Manhattan. With high ceilings and original crown molding the space felt gracious. The proportion of the rooms and ample daylight made the space feel intimate.

When the client hired us to design the interiors we started off with her as our inspiration. She has lived between Moscow, Paris, London, the south of France, the Hudson Valley and New York City for much of her life. We sourced pieces from all over Europe and the United States to create a deeply personal interior that tells her story.

We found furniture from France, Italy, Sweden, Spain, Germany, Brooklyn and Seattle. We sourced sculptural pieces from contemporary American craftspeople to add another layer. In the foyer there is a two-toned mirror by Bower and vases made by Cody Hoyt all made in Brooklyn. On the mantles in the master bedroom and living room we placed colorful glass sculptures made in Seattle by John Hogan. Large blue powder-coated vessels by Jonathan Nesci, made in Columbus, Indiana. We installed the art that she has been slowly collecting from European and American artists: Dalí, Mondrian, Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol.

Her finished home speaks volumes about how she has comfortably made her home wherever she has lived.

Greenwich Village Brownstone Apartment